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Welcome to Clemente Martinez小学

  • 头像 Alyssa阿尔瓦, 主要 
    电话: 713-224-1424

    Alyssa Blanchette Alva grew up attending public schools in Dallas, 德州. She earned her undergraduate degree and has a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Stephen F. 奥斯汀州立大学. 除了, she has had the unique opportunity to study abroad at La Universidad de Costa Rica where she refined her Spanish language skills. 毕业后, she began teaching Spanish in Timpson ISD and then in Pflugerville ISD and is now currently serving as principal at Clemente Martinez 小学 in Houston, 德州. Alyssa has over a decade of experience as a public-school educator and her passion lies in being an advocate for underserved student populations. One of her many strengths is her ability to develop and activate the instructional expertise of the teachers under her supervision by utilizing a highly effective system of coaching strategies.




    欢迎回到全新的学年! It is with great excitement that we welcome back our students and families to another year of learning and growth. Our first day of school is Monday, August 28, 2023. 早上7:15开门. 我们的上课时间是早上7:30到下午3:00.

    作为你的委托人, I want to assure you that our faculty and staff are committed to providing a safe, 欢迎, and inclusive environment for all students. We have been working hard to prepare for the new year and are eager to see our students back in the classroom.

    Our school is a community, and we value the collaboration and partnership of our families. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. Together, we can make this a successful and rewarding school year. Below you will find links to important documents to prepare us for a productive school year.






    I am excited to see the energy and enthusiasm that your children will bring to the classroom, and I am committed to supporting them every step of the way. 让今年成为值得纪念的一年!




    ⬇Please Complete the 2023-2024 Socioeconomic Form⬇


    HISD will provide free breakfast and lunch to students in the Community Eligibility Provision Program (CEP) for the 2023-2024 school year, but you will still need to fill out a new socioeconomic form (SIF).

    可以通过网上的 HISD父门户 or submitted in a paper form to your campus.

    对于没有参加CEP项目的学生,a 餐应用程序 需要完成吗. Those campuses include Kinder High School for Performing & 视觉艺术, 角小学, 特拉维斯小学, 橡树森林小学, 奥克斯河小学, 西大小学, 和罗伯茨小学.

    Please complete and return one form to each school where you have a child enrolled. 截止日期是2023年10月27日,星期五.

    欲了解更多信息,请 点击这里.



    HISD proporcionará desayuno y almuerzo gratis a los estudiantes en el Programa de Provisión de Elegibilidad Comunitaria (CEP) para el año escolar 2023-2024, pero aún deberá completar un nuevo formulario socioeconómico (SIF).

    这是一个完整的过程línea和一个完整的过程 门户网站para padres de HISD 我羡慕你的校园.

    Para los estudiantes que no están en el programa CEP, se deberá completar una solicitud de comida . Esos campus incluyen Kinder High School for Performing & 视觉艺术, 角小学, 特拉维斯小学, 橡树森林小学, 奥克斯河小学, 西大小学 y 罗伯茨小学.

    Complete y envíe un formulario a cada escuela donde tenga un niño inscrito. La fecha límite es el viernes 27 de octubre de 2023.

    Para otener más información; Haga clic aquí.




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